Steam cooked vegetables

The beauty
and goodness
of vegetables
from the
at a
snap of
your fingers.

300 gr.
300 gr.
250 gr.
200 gr.
300 gr.
250 gr.
450 gr.
250 gr.

Why choose our produces? The answer is simple: firstly because they are good, then because they are natural and finally because they are ‘convenient’.
They are good because we only use fresh and first quality raw material.
They are natural because our produces are only made of fresh vegetables, without any use of preservatives or seasoning agents. Besides, the productive process garantees the best hygiene standards and applies new techniques to traditional methods such as the vacuum-packed and the steam processes. They are convenient because ready-to-use and they consequently save you the boring part of cooking. You just have to season the produce and add a touch of inventiveness.

Grilled or steamed, it is up to you! When you open the packet, the flavour is just as if you had cooked it yourself. All the tastes of Mediterranean dishes, abundant and varied vegetables, regional dishes or healthy and low-calory diets produces: whatever you want is now available, you just have to open your fridge, place the produce in a traditional or microwave oven or even sauté it and add a pinch of fantasy! And remember, you only pay what you eat, nothing more, because the weight printed on the label is the minimum weight guaranteed; there are no oil, no preservation liquid and no waste. It is now possible to eat tasty roasted vegetables without smoking up your kitchen and to enjoy a cauliflower without that smell ... of cabbage.

- Broccolo 300 gr
- Cauliflowers 300 gr
- Carrots 300 gr
- French beans 250 gr
- Leeks 250 gr
- Sweet corn 450 gr
- Tris (courgettes, carrots, potatoes) 300 gr

Keep the produce refrigerated and once opened use within two days. Do not consume if the package shows any defects or if it is swollen.